may day!


that's code for TODAY IS ANDY'S BIRTHDAY!

May Day
when andy and i first started dating (and i was in that super smitten/super mushy stage) i used to tell him how much i wished i had known him as a little boy, how i wished we could have grown up together, and how i wished we could do it all over from the beginning (then i'd think better of it and be grateful our paths crossed when they did because i'm not sure our relationship would've survived my very awkward teen years). as sure as i was of him though and as serious as our relationship became, never did i imagine my wish would one day come true. time, space, and the entire universe seemed to collide the day august was born. looking at his face in that first moment, i saw the perfect combination of andy + i and there it was! both our lives - from the very beginning - wrapped up in one little life.

happy birthday andy, every time i see you and august together i have to smile and gush over such luck! it's the best gift, being able to share with you in this life we've created together.


Lauren said...

Lovely picture and even lovelier post. I bet you had a great day and an awesome life together. :)

Erin said...

Happy birthday, Andy! And what a beautiful sentiment, L. I've often thought the same about J, but mostly during the high school years when we could've gotten away with all that fantastic, sneaking-around teenage making out ;)
It's so inspiring to see how much love there is between you three. Happy May! xo


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