april 25th


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last weekend was gripping and emotional and completely joyous. on saturday evening, another bright soul joined the world: my nephew, francis aaron.

the *plan* was for me to be there for his birth as i was for his sister, ada's. i was supposed be the one who was going to support my sister through the early stages of labor and provide relief to her husband whenever he needed a break. i had spent weeks imagining myself applying counter pressure to her lower back, giving her sips of cherry juice for energy, and coaching her through every contraction. i day dreamed about that moment when she'd bring light to another little life and what a privilege it would be to witness that miracle again. but babies do not operate by time tables or estimated due dates and as my mother's obstetrician always used to tell her, "the apple will fall from the tree when it is ripe".

instead, i spent the weekend working on a gift for little francis and before i could even finish sewing the bodice to the pants, he was already swaddled and nuzzling his mama's chest. i'll get to meet the newest addition to the family in another week when i'll take the time off i requested months ago and hop the flight i scheduled weeks in advance. my role will not be as supporting birth partner, but will instead be to make sure my sister is getting the rest she needs, that she is giving her baby the attention and nurturing only she can provide, and helping her other two children feel just as special and loved as they've always felt.

in honor of this exciting news and mother's day, which is quickly approaching and coincides so well with francis' birth, i will be featuring a few of my favorite and most inspiring mamas over here next week. new, veteran, future, hopeful, single, or surrogate, i think it's important to recognize all the amazing women out there with mother's hearts. in this life, we are lucky to have such incredible female role models all around us.

good work, claudin and welcome baby francis!


Lauren said...

Oh babies. Silly babies. My son was early and he's been in a hurry ever since. So pay attention to that one. What a beautiful romper for a beloved one.

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

that outfit is adorable. you made that?! so, so, so sweet. and francis! i love that name too. welcome little francis xoxo


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