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i've really enjoyed writing these posts for august, so i thought it'd be fun to do few during this pregnancy for my other baby and myself. 

reading: the year of magical thinking / let's pretend this never happened. i've never been able to read more than one book at a time, but given that my attention span has been reduced to zero it's actually working really well for me right now 
singing: pin pon, a spanish nursery song about about a boy who washes his face with water and soap, because august + springtime = mud on face, under nails, inside ears, and pretty much everywhere else
watching: andy play "where's the baby" with august. it's kind of like peekaboo only a bit more terrifying, but also hilarious. (sorry that you have to tilt your head to watch the video, but editing it was a pain)
seeing: a familiar bump in my shadow
eating: avocados, seven-minute eggs, and hummus. so basically protein, protein, and protein
drinking: water with a lot of fresh lemon
counting: down the days until this semester of andy's grad school ends, then we get him every night for six whole weeks until the next one starts!
marveling: at the all the blossoming trees in our neighborhood
hoping: that i make it down to north carolina in time for my niece/nephew's birth
wanting: just one night without either weird dreams or random insomnia
needing: 25 minutes longer in the morning. just 25 more minutes, august. please?
wasting: time in the most delightful way, by sitting on a blanket and watching august try to throw a frisbee
playing: with dirt, pulling weeds, and putting in a small garden
enjoying: late night conversations in bed so much more than watching episodes of whatever on the couch
waiting: to feel that first little kick
laughing: at the awkwardness of taking self portraits using a makeshift tripod and the self timer - although august thought it was the funniest game, running back and forth between the camera and our backdrop in time to strike a pose  
wondering: what our family will be like as four
loving: how august says "it's funny!" whenever he's having a good time
smelling: that fresh scent after a hard rain. april may have its showers, but few things beat the sweet earthy smell that come afterward   
wearing: lots of dresses... or anything with a stretchy waistband
following: my instincts and taking it easy when i'm tired  
learning: to listen better and be more empathetic
noticing: august's emerging sense of humor. he's started laughing at jokes and not just the slapstick kind 
knowing: things will be very different with two versus one
thinking: we've picked the perfect names for either a boy or a girl
opening: packages almost on the daily. i've been doing a lot of online shopping (dresses!)
feeling: so happy and loved

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melaniekay said...

You are so cute! I love that dress and your braid!
Melanie @

ursula @ Nothern Ambitions said...

I know I already said it on IG but congratulations on the baby. Also that video of "where's the baby" was hilarious. Why are kids giggles the best thing ever??

Katie Flood said...

Love it! And I hear you on the 25 more minutes in the morning - I tried getting up earlier and at the first hint of a squeak of our wood floors and Maddie jumped up out of bed and yelled to get out. Ugh :(

Valerie Price said...

Love this post, and the photos are so beautiful!

Fee Harding said...

Oh so exciting about the name and how cute is August! I'm also curious about this 7 minute egg, I hate runny eggs, it's okay if the yolk is a little soft but overall firmness is definitely required. I'd always read ridiculous times to get hard boiled eggs, 3-4 minutes or something equally silly that I'd knew would be wrong! I think 8 minutes might be perfect for me :)

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

there he is! i love that he finds himself ;) you look beautiful. i can't wait to find out what this little one will be called. good job on narrowing it down already! xoxo

Erin said...

You are stunning, and so, so happy! It just radiates off of you in these photos, L. I loved this 'state of the union' update from your perspective, I didn't realize how much I wanted to read yours until you did this :) And considering you & I have the same taste in baby names (haha), I can't wait to see what you pick for bebe #2. Are you guys going to find out the sex or be surprised? xo

JosiJoy said...

where's the baby is TERRIFYING! hahaha i almost jumped out of my chair. hahaha baby laughs are THE BEST...or TODDLER laughs :-)

JosiJoy said...

ps you are gorgeous


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