music mix 02: street joy


you know those weekends you decide to fully embrace? the ones where you put off everything that needs to be done so you can do everything you want to do and instead of waking up early, you sleep in? or maybe you don't sleep in and you get up early anyway because you told your husband you wanted to learn to fish and he held you to it, so you spend the day wading in a river, scaring the trout one bad cast after next. the point is, you missed that short window of cool morning temperatures and have to wait until after the heat of the day to get your run in {which you're sort of dragging your feet about doing}.

that is when you load this playlist onto your ipod, put one foot in front of the other, and zone out. each song has the relaxed, easy sound of an early summer evening when the is sun sinking into the horizon. the bluesy riffs and lazy sounds of the slide guitar make me think of sitting on the porch and drinking something refreshing, like a juicy marg. this mix will take you there - a sort of mental "pre-game", if you will. it's the perfect way to cap off a self-indulgent weekend.

happy listening!

*yes, that is my handsome husband fly fishing with our son strapped to his chest pictured above. meanwhile, i almost got swept away by the current trying to capture the shot {he's got the skills and coordination i can only dream of}.*

spotify | mix 02
01. turn blue - black keys
02. street joy - white denim
03. things are changin' - gary clark jr
04. fool for you - alice smith
05. grass is greener - st paul & the broken bones
06. be mine - alabama shakes
07. keep your hands off her- the black keys
08. red house -jimi hendrix
09. broken bones & pocket change - st paul & the broken bones
10. cherrywine - hozier
11. outro -  gary clark jr
12. daisy -  stone temple pilots


Brikena said...

this playlist is SOO cool! but my favorite so far has to be street joy! soooo amazing :)

xo, Brikena

Indy said...

I totally know what you mean! Good songs are a great way to kick start anything! :)

lucinda said...

agreed! they can take your mind to all kinds of happy places. ;)

lucinda said...
glad you like the playlist, @brikena! 'street joy' is such a chill song and the frontman's voice is SO good.


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