our {long} weekend


happy friday! do you know what is on the other side of this weekend? june. JUNE! where does the time go, i ask you. well, lest we forget the birthday month that was and move right into summer, how about a good ol' fashion photo dump to get all caught up, yeah?
we spent memorial day weekend with andy's family in the catskills. up in those parts of new york, they are about a month behind us {seasonally speaking} so everything was that neon green of early spring. it was the perfect retreat being nestled in those lush mountains where we woke up every morning covered in fog and went to bed every night under a blanket of stars. we did a lot of sleeping-in AND mid-day naps.
it's duck's birthday today - five years old - and she still has the energy of a puppy! she got to spend the weekend with her favorite itty dog, playing in the yard, chasing birds, and swimming in the pond {she plays hard, then she sleeps hard}
august got this lawn mower for his birthday and he squeeled with delight when he saw it. SQUEELED! he was pumped to be able to mow the lawn like he's watched his dada do so many times. and even though it has a little bubble-making motor that putters, he likes to make his own motor noises when he pushes it.
memorial day truely couldn't have come at a better time. a three day weekend, surrounded by family, topped off with warm weather and sunshine, MAN! on behalf of my vitamin D-deprived skin and half-functioning mind, thank you most honorable of federal holidays! and thank you to all those who have served and are serving this country. to me, your service represents a patriotism and selfless sacrifice that is not only noble, but that has allowed us to enjoy the freedoms and safety we too often take for granted.


Amy said...

This is awesome...looks like a beautiful place. I saw a few pics when I was with D the other day too. But it's nice the rest of you got to spend time together, and apparently had nice weather for it!

Hannah Smith | fox and willow said...

that sounds so relaxing and looks beautiful up there!

lucinda said...

it really is a beatuiful place, the perfect get-away!

lucinda said...

it was! some times you need to get away from home to REALLY relax, you know? {that, and a little help from grandma & grandpa to get an extra hour of sleep in the mornings!}


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