music mix 01: keep your eyes ahead


this is the first of a series of running mixes i'm going to be sharing with you. if running is not your thing, that's ok. most of the music i run to gives me a feeling of forward movement so the playlists could easily work as soundtracks for a leisurely bike ride or a weekend drive - basically any situation where you have the wind in your face and can just cruise.

because most the miles i log are done outdoors, a lot of what i like to listen to is inspired by my surroundings. i tend to compile mixes based on a specific feeling or mood i get from the current season. this particular mix expresses the transition of seasons from end of winter to early spring. it's airy and bright, with a dreamy undertone. most of the songs begin a lot like early spring mornings: soft and cool, then warm into lively beats.

i've been listening to this mix for weeks, but since the weather's been so cool this year, it still totally fits my state of mind. the first song always makes me want to take a deep breath and let out a cathartic ahhhhh - it's a great way to start off a run. 

feel free to listen + enjoy via the links below.

spotify | mix 01
01. lights out, words gone - bombay bycicle club
02. nocturene - wild nothing
03. easy - real estate
04. origins - tennis
05. burning - the whitest boy alive
06. back seat - atlas genius
07. 505 - arctic monkeys
08. shadow - wild nothing
09. sweet disposition - the temper trap
10. keep your eyes ahead - the helio sequence
11. red eyes - the war on drugs
12. green aisles - real estate
13. i will sing you songs - my morning jacket


Claudin Mangum said...

Can't wait to try this list out - I know a few of these songs, so the other unknowns must definitely be worth hearing! Thanks for sharing :)

lucinda said...

sure, i hope you like it! queue it up for your long run this weekend - the first hour will pass like a dream and when you wake up, you'll only have another hour left. heh! ;) happy running!

sarahmarie9 said...

Love! That Bombay Bicycle Club is one of my favorite albums. Following you on Spotify. You might enjoy this running mix I made last year: running as meditation Running with music is one of my favorite treats!

lucinda said...

awesome, thanks sarah! can't wait to hear your playlist. i could've probably included a bunch more bombay bicycle club but restrained myself... though they may come up on other mixes. not give it away or anything ;)

his little lady said...

What did we ever do before Spotify. Obviously iTunes, but seriously Spotify is the best!!
xo TJ

sarahmarie9 said...

Weird it ate my link: running as meditation or maybe that's something you have for anti spam. You'll find me now that I'm following you. :)


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