how we weekend


we started a new weekend ritual: sunday mornings in the park. it's pretty basic, but it made for such a great start to the day that we're keeping it in the rotation. on sunday, we also met some friends at the horse center in honor of derby weekend. august was mostly unimpressed with the horses and preferred crawling around in the grass but, it'll be great to take him back next year when i'm sure he'll love the pony rides. there's so much to do outdoors now that weather's warmer - if your ever looking for us this spring, that's where we'll be. hope you enjoyed your weekend too! 


Sophie said...

Loving the amount of animals in these images!

Sophie x

his little lady said...

Loving this tradition of Sunday walks :)
Loving this nautical look! You are beyond adorable!!
xo TJ

lucinda said...

;) thanks hannah!

Hannah Smith | fox and willow said...

August is such a little cutie!


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