four things


ONE//  starbucks patrons! it's frappuccino happy hour every day from 3-5pm until may 10th! that means it's half price for the caffinated slushies we all love! i've been been CRUSHING the frappy hour this week. c-r-u-s-h-i-n-g it. somebody, cut me off.

TWO// also this week: andy officially completed his first year of grad school. one down, one-point-five to go. how he manages working full time and going to school at night while still coming home with enough energy for bath time shenanigans, amazes me. he works hard every day for our little family and i'm so proud of him.

THREE// we're in the azalea chapter of spring and oooo, it's getting good! the crocuses were bold and popped up before any of the other flowers but, daffodils have the "first-sign-of-sping" reputaion and they did not like being out done. then, the pink magnolias and cherry blossoms were like, step back ladies, we got this and stole the show for a while, but now the azaleas are out in full force and they're making a strong case for prettiest bloom.

FOUR// this weekend, i get to celebrate my first mother's day as mother and so - if we're taking requests - i really just want to spend the day with the two people who made me a mama.

have a great weekend everybody! and show your mother some love because, believe me, she's got nothing but it for you.


Sophie said...

Happy Mother's Day :)

Sophie x

Tanya Jean said...

Oh gosh, I can't imagine how excited you are for your first Mother's Day!! Woo!!!
xo TJ

Maelle said...

Happy Mother's day to you! :)

Indy said...

Oh, those blooms are just gorgeous! I love this time of year! Happy Mother's Day tomorrow, dear!

lucinda said...

thank you, sweet friend

lucinda said...

thank you, thank you. xo

lucinda said...

thank you, lovely lady. ;)

lucinda said...

right? weeeeee! xoxo


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