four things


ONE// there is something you should know about duck. duck does not like feeling left out. whenever andy + i get smoochy, duck sits at our feet, paws at us, and gives this look that says but what about me guys? i've got feelings too, you know. similarly, when we let her outside, she quickly does her business and jumps on the back door to let us know she's ready to come back in. last sunday i made the rookie mistake of leaving her outside well beyond her comfort level for solitude. in protest, she took off for four hours, roaming the nearby neighborhoods and plodding through creeks. when she was finally returned home she was unapologetically caked in mud. message received loud and clear, duck.

TWO// for his birthday, i took andy to see his favorite folk duo, gillian welch + dave rawlings, perform in concert. whatever you think you know about folk music, get it out of your head. they rocked. it. out. i've never seen anyone make keeping time with hand claping and clogging steps look so cool as gillian welch did. throughout the entire show, i held on to hope for her cover of radiohead's black star {which, is my nightly lullaby to august} but it never happened. they more than made up for it with two - count 'em: TWO - encores. it was by far the best show either of us had ever seen.

THREE// despite their relatively equal weight and size, ada is actually nine months older than august. up to this point, i think she'd been confused by her peer. she'd poke and prod him, but rarely got more than a distressed cry out of him. now that he can sit upright, crawl, and stand on his own, they're finally able to interact. he's constantly trying to take things from her hand to which she responds by gripping hard and scolding him with "nooooooooooo". all things considered though, they love each other.

FOUR// i'm not much of a baker, so it was up to whole foods for andy's birthday cake. and because no one should eat cake alone, i got an oreo flavored treat for myself - one of the many reasons i love celebrating birthdays.


Claudin Mangum said...

three - i *melt* with that picture. THAT is what it's ALL about.
four - when a birthday comes to my house, I'm equally excited at the prospects of the giant delicious slice of cake that I also get to enjoy. hear. hear!

lucinda said...

it's one of my new favorites, that picture. I can't wait to see their relationship develop over the months/years to come!

lucinda said...

oh! you really should, hannah! her last album (harrow & the harvest) is pretty great, start to finish

Hannah Smith | fox and willow said...

um, your dog -duck! <3 and I will be checking out that band!


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