mother's day


strait from the archives: this blurry shot of me + my newborn
the day i found out i was going to be a mother, i had to look in the mirror to make sure it was real - that i was there and the moment was actually happening. {it's funny because when you get to that point in your life when you start thinking about having a family you try to plan it out, like there's some blueprint to follow. i was like that, at least. i felt that we had to be at the "right place" in our lives. but just like everyone told me, you're never 100% ready} so there i was, standing at the bathroom sink, holding a stick with a positive test result in my hand, looking at myself in the mirror, and i thought ok, ready or not, you're going to do this and your going to be the best mother to this child. almost a year has passed and it still seems surreal that i have this little person, that andy and i made him, and that i have the privilege of being his "mama". at times, i still have to check myself in the mirror to see that i exist.

motherhood has brought all kinds of surprises. i have no idea "how i'm doing" - questions and doubts come up almost on a daily basis - but all i can do is my best. luckily, i have awesome role models for inspiration. i have the mother who raised my amazing husband and my own beautiful mother who sacrificed so much to raise five of us. i have my oldest sister who was like a second mother and my other sisters who showed me what it is to be a strong and fearless mother. i have my dear friend who cares for her niece and nephew as if they're her own and another friend who loves her pup in a way you just know will make her a great mother one day.

and so, to all mothers in the world, to the mothers-to-be, and all of you women with mother's hearts, i feel lucky to share this day with you.  happy mother's day!


lucinda said...

same to you, andrea! i hope your day was beautiful! xo

Celestine said...

What a lovely post. I know what you mean about feeling like you need to be at the "right place" and "right time" in your life to have children - whatever "right" means. I don't know when that will be for me but I know that I was my mom's age when she had me which is 25. I think that whatever age or circumstance you're in, nothing will ever really make you feel 100% ready to become a mother. I'm glad that becoming a mom was such a magical transition for you and I hope that one day I get to feel what you're feeling. Wishing you a late happy mother's day from Philadelphia!

lucinda said...

thank you brikena, i had a lovely mother's day! being "mama" to my little boy truely is the greatest joy! i loved the note to your mom on your blog. it's sweet that you admire her so much - that's the best gift any mom can get from their child.

lucinda said...

you're very sweet - thank you, friend!

Indy said...

Happy Mother's Day (a bit late)! This post is so inspiring! Your kiddo sure is lucky to have you as a mama. :)

Brikena Sela said...

this is such a beautiful post, Lucinda!
the way you describe the day you found out.. really had me at goosebumps because it shows just how joyful it was :)

Hope you had a great mothers day!!

xo, Brikena

andrea said...

happy mother's day luci!! i just know you're a phenomenal mama. <3


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