it's the first day of may!


happy may day! today is a celebration of spring's favorite month {and warmer weather and dancing around maypoles, or something}. today is also andy's birthday. he'll appreciate that i mention that three sentences in because he's not big on birthdays. i, however, am a HUGE advocate in the celebrating of birthdays. so with august's first on the 27th and our dog, duck, turning five on the 30th, i hear by declare may 1st also as the kick off to birthday month!

when he was a little boy, andy never had big parties with pinatas and clowns {his family descends from italy, for one and two, clowns are scary}, but not a year went by without a visit from the 'birthday fairy'. she'd come at night, when everyone was sleeping to bake a cake, decorate the dining table with balloons, and leave a mound of gifts. it was THE way to go for an understated birthday boy. so it's actually pretty fitting that andy shares his birthday month with duck and auggie.

but anderson, you know how i feel about birthdays so just for today, i'm forcing you front and center. you being born and making your way through this world to me and august is worth celebrating. then after today, you can take a back seat again. BUT GET YOUR FAIRY BOOTS ON because mr. and mrs. birthday fairy are going to be real busy!

happy birthday, love.


Tanya Jean said...

Yay to warmer weather! That picture is beyond adorable!! And happy birthday to your lover!! :)
xo TJ

lucinda said...

thanks tj! you're sweet. ;)


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