auld lang syne


well that was an abrupt end to 2013.

the baby went to sleep early and without a struggle - a minor victory my husband and i quietly celebrated as he pointed up with his finger and i met him in the air for a chest bump. with the last few hours of the year left to ourselves, we got after it like bonified new parents: one minute we were throwing back some sparkling, playing a raucous game of scrabble, with hoda and kathey lee obnoxiously gabbing in the background; and the next minute i was in bed - still fully dressed in my new year's sequins - riding some quickly forgotten dream straight past midnight.

you're shaking your head, aren't you. such tom foolery with a baby in the house! don't worry, it reads a lot more debaucherous than it actually was. i knew i wouldn't make it to see the ball drop - called it early in the day when i was sharing our plans with some friends at work - i can hardly hold on past eight most nights and not even a second cup of coffee past my standard 3pm cut-off could change that.

part of me woke up this morning, lamenting the early night and longing for rowdy days of yore, when we didn't have the obligations of parenthood. but that was mostly out of habit because up until seven months ago we were just a family of two. i'm still getting over the fact that i am a mother to an amazing little boy. but THAT is when i forget the old times and fondly remember the more recent times passed.

and so i present to you a montage of my 2013:

last january we had just learned the gender of our baby and he was barely evident to anyone but me. the winter blew by, cold and fast while i was swimming laps indoors at the community swim center. "training for baby" i kept telling my six a.m. pool buddies. we enjoyed our final months as a couple sans bebe, daydreaming about what our little boy would look like or how we'd really be as parents. when memorial day weekend came, i joked with co-workers that i'd probably be back in on the following tuesday, waddling around the office. but unlike his mama, our baby punctually arrived on his due date and what was the most memorable day of my life. don't roll your eyes, i'm being honest. it was amazing. the weeks passed and he kept growing, while i transitioned into my new role, but i eventually found my stride. there were some struggles as i tried to redefine myself, but that's partly how this blog came about (so there you go: self reflection). i went back to work and thanks to amazing support have managed to juggle all the responsibilites (at least, most days). i'm still trying to figure out this whole sharing thing but i thank you all for joining me in the journey and for all the encouragement. here's to exciting and hopeful new year!

we danced the sleep right into this little guy before he tapped out and left us to our shenanigans



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