giving thanks


there's an old african proverb that goes: it takes a village to raise a child. i recently came across the adage and it's become my new mantra - actually, i have condensed it to "it takes a village" for the sake of brevity - but i've been reciting the phrase after any successful parenting endeavor, kind of in the same way people utter "god willing" when speaking about future plans.

natural birth? it takes a village
breastfeeding? it takes a village
sleep training? it takes a village
personal hygiene? it takes a village

after my first six months of motherhood, i can confidently say that without my "village", i'd be a tired, sloppy, mess. i am grateful for the midwives who helped me to bring my baby to light. i am grateful for our pediatrician/lc whose guidance has allowed me to nurse him these six months. i am grateful for my husband who is up with me at night - changing diapers and rocking a tired baby back to sleep - even after long days at work and late nights in school. i am grateful for my sister who despite having her hands full with two littles of her own, is always there on the other end of the line, with an open ear. i am grateful for my mother who knows all the canciones infantiles and can sing away tears with any one of them. i am grateful for my mother-in-law who loves so completely and without judgement and is the mother i aspire to be. i am grateful for my father-in-law who will put just about anything on his head and makes the goofiest faces to get the best laughs out of his grandson. i am grateful for our nanny who cares for my son just as i would and makes being at work more bearable knowing he's in her charge. i am grateful for our dog who senses are on high alert to protect her puppy-brother. i am grateful for all the family and friends who make our lives whole. and most if all i am grateful to have the opportunity to be the mama of this sweet, happy, curious, and silly boy.

i think we can all agree that being thankful goes beyond just one holiday but with as busy as life can get, maybe it's good that we have this particular day carved out to really pause and celebrate everything for which we are grateful. 



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