ain't nothing gonna hold us down


we've been hiding behind steamy walls and foggy windows over here. some heartless winter bug took a big ol' bite out of our sweet, innocent little boy last week and the humidifier has been blasting since. it started with a runny nose, which was chased by a cough, followed by a fever, and ended with a miserable baby smushed on my chest for two consecutive days. incedentally, the nick name, 'sack of potatoes', has taken a traumatic new meaning. you'd think i got a lot of reading done. or at least some good netflix marathons. but alas. i was too worried for either, so i just stared at my son as he breathed through his mouth and soaked both our shirts with his sweat. it'll go down in the book like this: baby's first illness; mama's first meltdown. <<no picture>> anyway, light finally filtered through the haze and now we're on the other side of things - shiny happy people. or like in that sesame street episode: furry happy monsters. yea, i've got a kid.

so our boy rallied like a champ. yeah. showed that bug real good. he was sitting on the floor staurday morning when a thought bubble popped up: you can't hold me down, winter bug and he pushed himself up into standing. all on his own! {that one really did go in the book} then, because standing up big and tall wasn't enough, he started crawling. and i'm not talking army crawl - that was SO three weeks ago - it was a proper baby crawl. {also in the book} last, to cap the week of milestones and to prove that he's not all brawn, he spoke his first word. he sure did. we were all lying in bed when the boy turned his head, noticed his father beside him, and with a delighted tone of discovery said "dada". at six a.m on a sunday morning i didn't even care that "mama" didn't come out first. that utterance bought me a good three additional hours of sleep. there wasn't the slightest bit of resistance from dada, who gladly got out of bed to watch premier league soccer with his son. i could use about six more days of that kind of luxury. between you, me, and the baby, we've been working on "dad", "daddy", "padre", "papa", "pop", and "poop" (because sometimes, he really is).


andrea said...

ha! i love padre especially. ;)

Claudin Mangum said...

Go big or go home. Right a?


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