what i think about when i run


treadmill run during lunch break
i lost my keys at work on friday and found them in the trash can under my desk three hours later. i spent the entire run trying to figure out how that happened since i have NO memory of doing it. all i could come up with was this vision myself in a work-induced daze: i finish eating lunch, wipe my hands, crumple up the napkin, and SLAM DUNK the keys into the trash can. 

break of dawn on the coldest day in 20 years
the temperature was in the singles digits, but the wind chill made it feel arctic. i was wearing two of every thing and had all of my body covered up except for my face. i don't think there is a weirder feeling than congealed mucus - i tried to come up with a list but nothing could top frozen boogers.

treadmill run after work on the second coldest day in years
i know that we’ll be safe and sound. beep-boo-be-be-be-be-boo-bee-be-boo-beep (safe and sound)
beep-boo-be-be-be-be-boo-bee-be-boo-beep we’ll safe and sound
the first song that played on the gym radio station was that capital cities' song and maybe it was because i was running inside and facing a window that looked out on all the people freezing outside, but it got stuck in my head for the duration of my workout. which wasn't at all annoying.

morning run
avocados. a_vo_ca_dos. avoCAdos.
of all the food my son has tried so far, i think they are his favorite. i need to pick some up from the store to mash up for his dinner tonight. since i can't run with a note pad and pen, i do this all the time (recite the grocery list in my head, over and over again).

on the treadmill again during lunch
nothing funny about today's run. i challenged myself to a quicker pace and had to focus on staying relaxed. my shoulders kept inching up to my ears until i'd wag my finger at them and say "ah, ah, ah. you get back down!"

a quiet grey morning
today i quite literally ran with my head in the clouds. my route was quilted with patches of fog and each time i ran through one of the hazes, i thought of when i was a little girl and wished of living on a cloud - childhood dream realized.

sunshine! squinted and hissed when it first touched my skin  
we have two very worn pillows sitting on our couch that have been on my project list. since i had a double shot of espresso and nothing on the schedule, my mind was buzzing with ideas. i planned out my CRAFTernoon with spastic enthusiasm.

what sort of odd things do you think about when you workout? leave a comment below - i'm curious and would love to know that i'm not the only flake who has such random thoughts. 


JosiJoy said...

"how the hell did i run so many miles in college?" as i STRUGGLE through a 40 minute run...flashback to tempo runs when i felt i could go on forever...


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