that time we played hookie and went to nyc


i am still reeling from the biggest metaphorical (or not) hangover. we stole away last weekend - baby and all - for an impromptu visit to new york. the trip was a lot like the big city itself: fast, exciting, and we never slept. i kind of put myself in a hole going into the week, but hey, you only live once. now... PHOTO MONTAGE
+++ waking up at six a.m. with a baby has it's advantages. this rooftop view at sunrise, for example.
+++ good coffee was naturally in order and luckily there's an amazing cafe around every corner. we sipped our cappuccinos while the boy flipped through barron's to catch up with the market actions.

+++ walking around the city streets, i couldn't help but gape at all the buildings and architecture. new and old, each with lines that drew your eye up, up, up. 
+++ the bowery and bikes: our stroll led us to the doorstep of the hotel where we honeymooned and where it all began five years ago. ah, the memories.
+++ the next morning we met a group of friends for a hearty and amazing brunch before hitting up the new museum which, by the way, is worth the $10 admission for the sky room, if nothing else. check out that sunset in the last pic - talk about good timing.
have a great week friends, may it be less dizzy than mine. #sleepdeprived


Claudin Mangum said...

You have quite the eye for angles, perspectives, and subjects - Your photography is gorgeous!

his little lady said...

This looks like the best little trip! What fun :)
xo TJ

Amy@eatsleepdecorate said...

So Jealous..but so glad you had a wonderful time. Loving your new photography skills and your gift of catching details within details. Next take John and I! xoxo


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