5 year Anniversary


five years ago today we went to the courthouse and made it legal. five years from tomorrow, we celebrated with our closet family and friends. two days to celebrate. that's how we do. on the marquee, big letters: US. in the time since, we've kept it real even when it's gone wrong; gone back to basics when we let ourselves get carried away with the unimportant; and despite any concern, always made. it. work. 

you and me and a ducky makes three became all that plus a third peanut and we've only just begun the "good old days". these last five years i have admired you as a handsome husband but daaaaamn, you wear fatherhood well. here's to many more, love.


Katie F said...

So sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Teresa said...

Feliz dia, feliz años, muchos años de felicidad!

Anabel Rossbach said...

Felicidades!!!!! por muchos años mas de amor, amistad y familia.


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