Awkward & Awesome Friday


- Playing "market" with my three-year old nephew who kept instructing me to ask him if he had fish for sale. So I say, Excuse me Fish Monger? Do you have catfish? He stops abruptly and with a hurt look on his face responds, I'm not a Fish Monger. YOU'RE a Fish Monger! Come to think of it, it does sound like name-calling.
- Convincing myself that tying my bed head into a low ponytail was a tousseled-chic look appropriate for work, until finally looking at myself in the mirror (at the END of the workday) and realizing it just looks like the dirty, lazy coif of a tired mom. How do the stylists for the JCrew catalogue get their models to look so polished with sloppy dos?  Curse them and their devious ways!
- Posting a comment on another blog and, when it doesn't immediately appear, reposting it almost verbatim, but adding a preposition. Then realizing (only after hitting "submit") that comments are moderated and don't immediately appear. When checking back later: yup, there I am; the poser with two almost-identical comments, back to back. Why couldn't they "moderate" that embarrassment?
- Trying to hold a coherent adult conversation with my husband, but sounding more like a whiny child:
Him: Here, let me take him
Her: No, what's the point
Him: I'll take him for a walk and you can rest
Her: It doesn't matter anyway. I still have to wait fourteen hours until I can sleep again.
This is how we kicked off our five year anniversary yesterday morning.
- Aaaaand that's all I got. Sleep deprivation is no joke. I think it's still used as a form of torture in some countries

- All the birthday and anniversary wishes I got this week. Feeling the love, friends. Thank you.
- A visit from the Birthday Fairy who among other things, left a running stroller! You may be thinking, Birthday fairy? At 32? That's kind of awkward. But no, it's awesome and to quote something I once read on a t-shirt (or maybe it was a bumper sticker? I can't remember): Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional. LONG LIVE THE BIRTHDAY FAIRY!
- Having my sister and her two adorable littles here for the last week.
- A huge family birthday dinner, where littles outnumbered bigs (7 to 9) , our waiter was a trooper, everyone got to talk to each other, and the youngest ones helped to blow out candles.



Teresa said...

Oh! When I grow up to my next number, I want a birthday fairy, to get me a golf cart instead of a running get a stroller to continue running, I want a golf cart to avoid walking to my art studio all the way back, several times a day! Do I sound like your mother?


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