ah, "the twins in baba’s makeup" - a classic family photo. we scared the bejesus out of our parents with this one. at first glance, they mistook my grandmother's smudged lipstick for blood but the lack of tears and my deer-in-headlights look gave it away. once they realized we were fine, i imagine my mother told us to hold still and snapped this shot as we sat bewildered thinking, what? we didn’t do anything.

i think every family has pictures like this – iconic photos that tell an outrageous story and encapsulate an era. this one, circa 1984, sums up me and my sister during our toddler years: mischievous.  my dad used to say that we needed to go to school just so we could get civilized. when my mom would take us shopping with her, we’d hide between the racks of clothing while she browsed. it’d be an epic hunt to find us and when she finally spotted our little feet poking out from the hems of dozens of dresses, she’d whisper-shout, “there you are, sin verguenzas!” then, we’d start giggling in hysterics and take off from out of our hiding place in opposite directions. 

today we turn thirty-two and we haven’t grown up - we still haven’t figured out how to wear rouge like real women and we’re still driving our families’ nuts with our shenanigans. happy birthday claudi, i couldn’t have asked for a better partner-in-crime. 


Claudin Mangum said...

Here's to years and years and YEARS more of amazing adventures! xoxo


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