happy mother's day


Edited with #Afterlight
Edited with #Afterlight
lying together in bed the other night, i asked andy what was the best day of his life (pretty light and standard pillow talk, no?). he prefaced his answer by explaining that it was probably less conventional than would be expected. our wedding day, for example, did not make his top five, he said. don't worry, i consoled, it's not in mine either, which was not meant as a passive-aggressive retort, but more of a statement of mutual understanding. then he went on to describe one particular day midway through his two-week hike of the john muir trail that was life changing. when the question was turned around and directed to me, i prefaced my answers by admitting how utterly predictable i am because the best day - without question - was the day august was born. it turns out our answers weren't so different though because for me, that day for was also life changing.

the woman i was / the woman i thought i had been before that day, was completely different from the woman i became the moment i first held august. his birth very literally decentered me. up until then and throughout my pregnancy, my biggest concern was what kind of mother i would make. i didn't believe i had the patience or altruism that mothers seemed to posses. i worried that i would have to work extra hard at the role and that it would be forced. turns out, motherhood *is* hard work and some days i *really* have to try at it, but it's the best kind of work too. most surprising of all though is how naturally i've come in to it and how "easy" work can be when you love what you do. being mama to august is something i am grateful for every day. if i had run the fastest marathon, owned the most successful coffeehouse or written the greatest story i would not feel as proud or accomplished as i did the day he was born.

for me, it took childbirth to discover the empathy and grace within me. some women recognize it within them all along and others display it in different capacities because the truth is, motherhood goes beyond traditional roles and can be found in the heart of any woman.

it has been such a privilege hosting so many inspiring mamas this week. we come from different backgrounds, with varying situations and unique challenges, but our womanhood bonds us. it was difficult only asking a handful to take part in this series because there are so many more that have provided me guidance and support in some way or other. i wish we had another month to feature more! thank you to all the lovely ladies who contributed here this week and happy mother's day to all the beautiful women in mothering roles. especially to my own mother and three sisters: daniella, andrea, and claudin, who have all been paradigms of strength and compassion. we love you. 


Erin said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, you beautiful soul! That darling boy of yours is just too much; I haven't been following along for too long but I can even spot some changes in him, how much he's growing up!
(And I never knew you had three sisters! You learn something new every day :) xo

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

This is so beautiful Lucinda. I think your sentiments here is exactly why your first born always hold such a special place in your heart (i have learned with my kids they all hold a special place). But your first born. . . I always tell fisher his birthday is so special to me because we were both born at the same time, him as his wonderful self entering this world, and me, as a mother.

Happy mama's day and thanks so much for having me be a part of this. xoxo


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