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august at twenty-two months...

reading: oso pardo, oso pardo, que ves ahí? (the 1967 classic, en español)
singing: the abc song
watching: the gruffalo and the gruffalo's child
seeing: through our trickery in getting him to sit on the toilette
eating: mini "mushmaoos"
drinking: water, then upending the sippy cup and watching the rest drip out into a giant puddle
counting: to four before breaking out into the rest of feist's song
marveling: at falling water; out of faucets, off eaves, out of cups... (see "drinking" above)  
hoping: for another 30 minutes before we take him to bed
wanting: double or three times the recommended serving of kids vitamins (they're basically gummy bears)
needing: new clothes. he has officially grown out of 18-24mos and is firmly into the 2Ts. eep!
wasting: no time getting out the door and outside these days
playing: hide-and-seek... still. that game never gets old to a toddler.
enjoying: warmer evenings with the back door propped open and the entire yard as his oyster
waiting: for either andy or me to get him from his crib every morning
laughing: when we spin around until we're dizzy and then fake-crash into walls
wondering: "where'd mama go?" whenever i'm out of sight
loving: bath time now that we have bubble bath again (it just isn't as fun without the bubbles)
smelling: the crocuses that popped up in our yard this week (teaching him to "stop and smell", you know?) 
wearing: a too-small rain coat we got as a gift that he absolutely loves and will NOT give up
following: airplanes across the sky with his head tilted back and his mouth wide open in wonder
learning: how to use words instead of screaming his frustration
noticing: the moon whenever she's in the sky and saying "i see you, luna!"
knowing: when he has disappointed us. he hangs his head like charlie brown
thinking: plastic bags are balloons because when you fill them with air and tie the ends, they sort of are
opening: tupperwear containers all on his own, which until recently was a major source of frustration for him
feeling: supported, if not understood, when things don't go his way

it's been almost four months (!) since the last time i made a list like this, but i think it may become a more regular thing here.


Valerie Price said...

This is such a wonderful post with a beautiful the list idea! :)

Katie Flood said...

We just went through a major Gruffalo stage too - Maddie now says "A gruffalo is in there!" anytime we pass by a patch of trees or a bush. :)

Fiona Harding said...

He's actions sound so sweet, I love that he says "I see you, luna" and hangs his head like Charlie Brown and wears a too-small raincoat! So full of character!

melaniekay said...

Wow, I love this picture. You are so talented!
Melanie @

Jade Lee Wright said...

Following airplanes across the sky <3 my favorite thing to do!!! Matches the pic ;)

He sounds like such a gem - you're a lucky mummy xxxx

Lauren said...

Oh yes! More lists like this. Even now at 15 I keep mental lists of Cal like this. "I have a question," he prefaces so many of his thoughts. ;)

Reading your list reminded me that Neel created "bonus minutes" whenever Cal wanted extra time before bed, at the park, etc. I hated bonus minutes. ;)

Erin said...

Even though these are just quick, one line updates, it still paints such a full, rich image of your little dude. What a character! "I see you, luna!" is a children's story waiting to be written. (And, if we're being honest, I'm 28 and am still learning how to use my words instead of screaming in frustration. ;) xo

lucinda said...

that is so cute! so maddie looks for the gruffalo? adorable. :)

yeah, i love both stories and in the movies, they're told so beautifully with the rhymes and slow cadence, it's the best way to wind little ones down for the night. xo

lucinda said...

ha! yes, communication is a constant challenge even long after we've developed language skills - i feel like i'm re-learning how to do it with him! it's amazing how many assumptions and ambiguity and innuendo usually goes into my communication. i'm learning to be a lot more clear and i'm trying to have a lot more understanding. ;)

lucinda said...

you need to put that mental list to paper! i love that you're still perceptive to cal's idiosyncrasies - one fears that attention dissipates with time but it really doesn't, does it?

also, "bonus minutes"! that actually sounds like a great incentive for positive reinforcement, but i'm not sure i'll be the biggest fan once he "cashes" them in. ha! ;)

Katie Flood said...

yes - she's always on the lookout! we love them too - room on the broom is on netflix as well and is by the same folks.

lucinda said...

ohmygoodness, thank you for telling me that! i'm not familiar with that one, but if it's from the same creators i'm sure august will like it. plus, we need to give the gruffalo a little break before i go nuts. ha!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

ha, i love that he sings the feist song. it really does get stuck in your head (i am sure to be singing it for the rest of the day myself now). and oh do i remember the days of fascination watching the water drip drip drip out of sippy cups. beautiful photo. beautiful boy. xoxo

ps lauren's bonus minutes comment hahaha

Petra said...

I love these posts!!!

Kaylan Buteyn said...

Love these posts and this photo. Great capture :) Love when little boys wear raincoats all the time!!!

lucinda said...


lucinda said...

such funny characters, right? i love it. xo

lucinda said...

yes! that was exactly what he was doing when i took this picture. it never gets old for him, spotting those planes. thanks jade, xo


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