hi november


welp, so long october. you were good while you lasted. now it's on to the holiday season. macy's is already on top of it, having decked their halls with boughs and what not. starbucks didn't miss a beat either, paradoxically dressing its paper cups in their seasonal red while the kiddos were peeling off their halloween costumes. i'm pretty sure gourds are still in their prime but, no, the pumpkin spice latte is gone and has been replaced by peppermint mochas (coffee & mint? ew.)

i mean, i get it. when the last bit of summer's heat burns off, yielding the first crispy fall day i'm all, yeay! halloween and cider and pumpkins! but thanksgiving hasn't even passed and shelves are already stocked with ornaments and candy canes? i guess the line of thought is: november means thanksgiving; and thanksgiving means black friday; and black friday means holiday shopping; and holiday shopping means HOLYCOWCHRISTMASISRIGHTAROUNDTHECORNER

well i, for one, am not letting fall go that easy. the leaves are just now hitting their peak (at least south of the mason-dixon line they are), cornucopias should be brimming with the harvest's endowments! so before i {reluctantly} let go my favorite month, some photos from our hallowed eve:
just three halloweens ago my nephew was floating in this dino costume
my sister was at the sewing machine - pedal to the metal - hours before this little owl took flight
the goggles and tool belt lasted approximately two houses before my nephew took them off and asked for candy just wearing a white tee and jeans. highly suspicious. but who would deny a child candy on halloween?
there. now onto this glorious month of gratitude and bounty.


Liv said...

Walked in to Macy's the other day and was overwhelmed by all the christmas trees. Crazy! Also, best snuggle-saurus EVER. However, I have to take issue with your distaste for Peppermint Mochas - takes down a PSL any day. Hah.


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