awkward & awesome friday


- seeing an old acquaintance for the first time since my baby's birth who opens conversation with "you're not pregnant again, are you?" first of all, what the what? who says that to a FIVE month post-preggo? then, my next instinct is to protect her potential embarrassment (yes, HER embarassment) by answering "no, i wish!" as if being pregnant would be a better excuse for my apparent tabbiness* than just having birthed a child.
*tabbiness adjective soft, rubenesque, like a rotund and lazy tabby cat
- following the above encounter days later with a run-in with a marine corps marathon course marshall who asked for my credentials which were pinned to my sport bra, under three layers of long sleeves, so i proceed to "flash" the poor soldier, thus revealing said offensive belly.
- an encounter with an ashville hippie who was... well, who called my attention from afar shouting that he saw the colors of my aura (red on the outside with bits of green and a purple line up the middle) he kept on coming closer and very soon was knocking a little too hard on the door of personal space. he tells me that his birthday is on Halloween and when i reminded him that the 31st was the following day, he began to giddily jump up and down, hopping even closer. i held my breath with each landing, calculating which way he would fall. don't hit the curb, don't hit the curb. 
- having run out of candy before the last group of trick-or-treaters came a-knockin'. oh! happy halloween! just go ahead and have your pick from this here bag. and trying to talk over my nephew's angry protest "hey! that's my sister's candy!" 
- watching my sister run her first marathon, looking like she was having a blast and enjoying every one of the 26.2 miles
-  running five miles of "papi's marathon" with my sister and seeing our high school coach cheering on the sidelines. the three of them each being major influences in my running life
- running five miles of "papi's marathon" with my sister and actually being able to keep pace. (she's fast)
- trick-or-treating with my sister and our three littles. at last, a ligitimate excuse to ask for free candy again
- dressing my son in his cousin's hand-me-down costume; a snugglesauruses reprise!


Teresa Camacho Hull said...

...another good one...and I wondered how writers kept bringing great stories and never run-out off them..? are one of them...


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