It's a girl!


maebelle anne
maebelle anne 
born 09.25.15 @ 12:20 am

she was born swiftly and auspiciously still in her sac, or in the caul. folklore says that "caul bearers" are born with a gift; they are said to be seers, messengers, and healers. they possess a sensitivity and ability to understand people and the world on innate level. the legend is fascinating and i'm curious to discover whether or not these traits will emerge in our sweet little girl, but "gifted" or not, she's a gift to us and we are beyond the moon. 


Susan Boyko said...

Luci, Andy, and Auggie.....I am SO happy for you and can't wait to meet your darling little angel! Until then, lots of hugs and kisses from all of us!
Susan, Jon, and Elizabeth

Erin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! What a gorgeous name for a glorious little girl. I made the mistake of googling "in the caul" and deeply regret it, as I am currently eating breakfast ;) I'm teasing! I had no idea there was so much legend surrounding that type of entry to the world, but I think sweet Maebelle will grow up to live beyond all expectations. Welcome to the world!! Good luck to you and your boys as you adjust to this new addition. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love reading your posts! Congrats on the little girl ! I enjoy your writing just as much as your photography and am very much looking forward to your birthing experience and how it was different for No2. Happy for your family !



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