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reading: help, thanks, wow: three essential prayers
singing: blue shadows - one of the only songs that august doesn't gruffly cut off with 'TOP MAMA 
whenever i sing it.
watching: my belly button slowly disappear.
seeing: just the tips of my toes now when i look down at my feet.
eating: papaya enzymes after every meal.
drinking: tart cherry juice like a lush.
counting: on train and/or fire truck sightings for a successful morning stroll with august.
marveling: at the strength of baby-baby's kicks.
hoping: that the next three months pass as quickly the last seven.
wanting: original wood floors and trim, exposed radiator pipes, a clawfoot tub, and lots of natural light.
needing: 3-5 pillows for a comfortable night of sleep. andy is slowly being forced out onto the couch. 
wasting: money on bottles of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and ice cream from the good humor truck. you can't put a price on summer's best. 
playing: and replaying august's birth story through my mind. i *can* do this again.
enjoying: long walks better than short runs.
waiting: on our garden. we've got little green tomatoes and zucchini flowers, but what i'm really looking forward to are the cucumbers (and the jars of pickles i will be eating).
laughing: all the time. between my two goofy guys, one of them always has me laughing.
wondering: if this little one will be a boy or a girl
loving: how excited august gets when he wants to tell us something. he repeats the first word half a dozen times before getting the rest of the sentence out.
smelling: apple cider vinegar. i've been using it as a facial toner and now andy says i smell like a salad.
wearing: glasses, since my eyeballs no longer seem to be producing moisture.
following: august follow lightning bugs in the yard.
learning: so much from other women who are mothers, especially those with more than one child.
noticing: a stronger resemblance to andy in august lately.
knowing: that we only have a few more months as a family of three. 
thinking: about taking a day trip on the weekend and planning the itinerary.
opening: my arms wide to mark the finish line for august's "starts". every race ends with a hug and a spin.
feeling: excited

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Erin said...

You CAN do this again! You got this! I'm not yet sure if pregnancy/motherhood is for me, but I am so, so in awe of how beautiful you make it all seem, even when it's mildly terrifying (7 months down, still 3 to go?? mon dieu!). How is August preparing for the impending arrival? I give you so much credit for resisting the urge to find out the sex of the baby! That's one of the many things about pregnancy I don't think I could do, ha. xo

lucinda smith said...

you're right erin/, you're right. i can do this! it's just that the closer the date gets, the more real it becomes and the familiarity of it all is both terrifying and wonderful. labor was not easy, but it was incredibly empowering and impossibly beautiful too. i try to keep that in mind. :) august still doesn't really get it, though he does give my belly the sweetest kisses and most tender of rubs. that he understands another little human is in there, i am not so sure. that he senses something special and beloved is in there, i am certain. <3!

Anonymous said...

love the lists, you will be amazed how easy the second one is, and the third - good luck to you and your happy little family!

lucinda smith said...

imagining our family dynamic with more than one child is super exciting, but i'll admit it's also intimidating (especially on those days that august and i aren't on the same page!). it is really comforting though to hear that the addition of each child actually is easier once you've already been through parenthood with the first. ;) thanks for stopping by!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

oh baby bump! sometimes i wish that was just how women's bodies looked all the time. it's so beautiful. but then i remember exactly how many pillows it takes to sleep comfortably (a lot!). i love that you are waiting to find out if they babe is boy or girl. i waited with my first (not with my twins). and that moment i found out was from feeling his little body in my hands. i loved that they didn't tell me just handed him to me. and i can tell you my second time delivering was so much easier than my first!! even with twins! even with one breech. so i am going to hope the same is true for you (minus the breech part). xoxo


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