two years old


Edited with #Afterlight
Edited with #Afterlight
today you are two years old, my sweet little boy. twenty-four months gone, in the books! i could lament about how quickly time has passed or how fast your are growing up - lord knows i feel the ache almost every time a new word comes out of your mouth or you do something that just the day before you weren't able to - but i know that it's inevitable too. seeing you change, watching you discover the world, recognizing the person you are becoming though... well, that more than makes up for it. you love to be outside, splashing in water and digging up worms. our little nature boy. you have the same wonder and curiosity i remember seeing in your eyes the first day you were born. thank you for teaching me to view the world from different perspectives, for showing me how amazing this life is, and for opening up my heart to the kind of love i never knew existed. sometimes i really think your life saved mine. happy birthday agus! we love you.


Lauren said...

Oh, so beautiful Lucinda. I'm at the other end of this from you. My baby will be sixteen in a few months (he drives us everywhere!), and many of the women in the first set of friends I met when we moved here are getting ready to watch their kids graduate from high school. This particular group of women feels it poignantly and keenly, this time in their lives. This inevitability. Their babies growing up. In a Greek Tragedy kind of way! ;) And I think, oh, let that not be me. Let me celebrate this passage of time. Let me celebrate who you are becoming, little man. Big feet, bigger ideas. Bigger plans and dreams. You grew me up as much as I grew you, and I thank you for that.

I love the way you write.

Erin said...

Those cheeks! So scrumptious, I don't know how you don't just eat him up on a daily basis (you probably do :). Happy birthday, August! Your boy is so lucky to be surrounded by people who love and adore him as much as you and Andy do. Happy happy birthday! xo


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