Fen snapshots
since it's been super quiet around here lately, i thought i'd break the silence with some snapshots because while the keyboard may may have gathered dust, the camera has been out in full force. you wouldn't know it, but i actually have been writing. instead of appearing here though, those ramblings have been going into a journal. with a pen. on paper. it's kind of revolutionary. but i've missed this space too, so hello! hi! thank you for sticking around, checking in, and sending love. you are the best.   
Fen snapshots
not to wear out a season before it's officially begun, but i'm gushing over spring. these cute little buds have been popping up on all the trees in our front yard and i'm just so proud of their resilience. hang in there little guys! winter may have had the upper hand there for a while, but spring is pulling through. nothing below fifty degrees in the forecast this week! it's funny how something like weather can make a person so happy. 
February snapshots
these are august's "fly". his nanny got a pair each for him and marina (monkey see, monkey do). whenever he wants them on he shouts my fly! - like he suddenly realized they were missing from his shoulders - and then proceeds to wear them the rest of the day, totally unfazed. my in-laws recently got a kick out of seeing him fluttering around the house wearing these and a shirt that has "tough guy" printed on the front. 


Hannah Smith | fox and willow said...

great snapshots! i love seeing little bulbs break through, it's so inspiring to me :)

Annie Montgomery said...

oh dear goodness. this is so sweet. bzzzzt. <that's my fly talk.

Petra said...

first, how cute. what a fly you got there. and second, yes, it's getting awfully quiet on a lot of blogs. I'm glad you are back :)

Lauren said...

Oh hi! Nice to see you! :) I love these snapshots and that fly shot is adorable. We're rooting on spring here too, although I do NOT trust March around these parts. We'll all be bursting forth soon enough.

Christine said...

oh i've missed you! not that i have room to bemoan anyones absence ;) but still. ha, kids are so wonderful. tough guy in the front, fairy wings in the back. we've had an amazing early spring here, so, for the first time in a very, very long time, we've bid winter adieu well before spring has officially arrived, and like you, i am all in! xoxo

Valerie Price said...

Beautiful snapshots!

Hollands reverie said...

Ha- I love that last part. The pictures are beautiful, sadly I haven't got my camera out in nearly a month- making blogging especially difficult. I miss it! And I'm with you on the pen and paper thing, it just works better. Nearly all my blog post are written in a notebook only to be transferred later. Love to have a catch up from you, you know how much I adore you and this space!

Kaylan Buteyn said...

Beautiful shots- love that you are writing in a journal but I do hope you share some of it. ;)I love your writing!

melaniekay said...

I love these shots into your life. The ice on the tree is so pretty!
Melanie @

Erin said...

As someone who went through a fairy wing phase myself, I say, August has the right idea! I chuckled at "my fly!" Can you imagine how much happier and sillier the world would be if adults could get away with things like that? :)
And I mentioned this on your Instagram photo, but we are pen twins! Those Pilot Precise pens are the only thing I use. The very specific scratch of them on the page is just...I love them. And I'm so happy that you seem so happy you're writing with a pen, on paper. There's something so powerful about doing that! xo


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