music mix 04: midnight in a perfect world


happy fall everyone! this change of seasons is my favorite. autumn is very romantic, don't you think? one last, blazing fire of colors before the cold, darkness of winter. i've compiled a new music mix inspired by that. it is dramatic and moody and a bit more mellow than previous playlists (1/2/3), but it's cozy in a way too. there's nice balance of soft sounds and cool beats, which suit a silent foggy morning equally as well as a dwindling golden afternoon. so whether you want to stay in, wrap your hands around a warm mug, and watch leaves dance their way to the ground or you feel like layering up for a walk in the woods, this is your soundtrack.

i'm reallllly into #10. the nostalgia, the heartache. gets me every time. i would also like to draw your attention to the song titles which, were not considered in their selection but fit perfectly because well, halloween. and speaking of that, #2 could totally be dracula's theme song.

click on the link below to stream the music, i really hope you enjoy it!

spotify | mix 04
01. amerimaka - thievery corporation
02. too afraid to love you - the black keys
03. ghost of city life - alberta cross
04. anti-pioneer - feist
05. holdin' on - citizen cope
06. nothing in my way - keane
07. no difference - everything but the girl
08. midnight in a perfect world - dj shadow
09. wires and watchtowers - thievery corporation
10. bloodstream - stateless
11.  the greatest - cat powers

each of these songs belongs in the fall, but they don't naturally come together as a whole so it was challenging arranging them in a way that was cohesive. while finalizing the playlist, i asked andy how he'd transition from thievery corp to the black keys and he said he wasn't sure the two belonged on the same list. but they DO! so to prove my point, i blatantly put one right after the other. 
but i'm curious, how do you put music compilations together? do you just throw the songs on a list or do think long and hard about the order?


Erin said...

Keane!! Love you for putting some Keane on the mix. I always associate them with late fall/early winter 2005, because I listened to "Hopes & Fears" on repeat every day when I got my hands on it. I can't listen to it and not think of the city getting dark at 4:30, being cold. I love, love it. Happy fall, Lucinda!! xo

Claudin Mangum said...

I'd like to be able to have the ear to be able to put my music in just the right order, but I'm not that good. I just default to putting all my favorite songs of the moment on a playlist - that way, they may not be in the best order but you forget that once the next song comes on cause you're like "AH! I love this song too!!"

...tuning in to your list now... *love*!
Happy FALL!!

Indy O'Hara said...

OOo, I love music recommendations! Thank you so much, off to listen now! :)

Christine Dinsmore said...

this is so great! about a year ago someone stole my very old ipod from my car, not a huge loss except for all the music! i had compiled playlists that i loved and listened to over and over. so i am super excited to listen to this one as i get some work done today!

Petra said...

thanks. I loved your past playlists. I'm sure this one is going to be great again :)

lucinda smith said...

Erin yes! i listened to keane so much that fall too. there are some very special memories assocaited with that album and with a little less self control, i problably would've included more!

lucinda said...

good point. and it's true! when i listen to other playlists i enjoy it's song on it's own and separately from the whole. i get too "heady" when i create my own compilation though so it's obvious i'm over thinking it. haha. ;)

lucinda said...

cool, let me know what you think!

lucinda said...

argh! that sucks, christine. well hope that you find some good songs here to rebuild your music library with! xo

lucinda said...

that makes me happy to hear, thanks petra! i hope you like this one too.

Bec said...

I am after some new tunes - Thanks for sharing I can't wait to sink into them. Bec x

Sarah said...

I'm going to listen to this playlist this afternoon while I get our dinner ready! Hooray, thank you Lucinda! I love to have a little soundtrack for the mundane.

Ursula said...

The fall really is romantic. When I went to my first year of university I was obsessed with this type of music (Keane, feist, etc) and so it really does make me think of fall and the changing leaves. Can't wait to check out your playlist

lucinda smith said...

Bec, Sarah, Ursula: thanks ladies! i hope you all like it, i'd love to hear what you think!


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