the red, white, and blue


holidays take on a whole new luster when you have a child. you notice things like pruned fingers and and chattering jaws that insist they're not cold so they can keep playing in the pool. or juicy ice-pops and sticky cheeks that end up collecting bits of sand.

we marched in a parade in the morning, slowly winding our way from one end of the neighborhood to the other, flapping our arms and waving hiiiii to the neighbors sitting at the end of their driveways. flags frantically waved in clenched little fists and a trail of blue foiled confetti was left in our wake.

there were hours in the pool, slapping the water and sneaking in mouthfuls whenever mama wasn't looking. and later, more water! in a bucket! with bubbles! {which surprisingly, was not swallowed by the mouthful} there was sparkling drinks and good food. and twinkling lights strung above a long white table, surrounded by great conversation and even better friends. there were wide eyes and gaping mouths. and a little boy, too fascinated by the bursting lights and their accompanying BOOMs to stay put when his dada tried to cover his ears. 

it was the happiest of fourths and i hope so was yours.


Amy S. said...

Oh my goodness. That picture of the boys in the pool is KILLING me!! That is probably the most adorable thing I've seen in quite a while!!

emi said...

wow -- darling little ones, and such a fun 4th! xo

Sarah said...

What beautiful memories! And what's with the mouthfuls of pool water? My kid does that too. G-ross. Haha!!

Sophie said...

I love that you can see how happy he is! What a beautiful Fourth of July you had:)

Sophie x

Your girl is lovely

Christine Dinsmore said...

these photos are so lovely. they truly represent the spirit of summer and celebration. and i agree the photo of the little guys in the pool, be still my heart!

lucinda said...

thanks, christine! it was so cute watching my little guy hug his big cousin like that. he's in this super cuddly phase and I hope it never ends!

Hannah Smith | fox and willow said...

how cute are all of these pictures?! so stinkin' cute, that's what!


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