music mix 03: rule my world


the title of this playlist might as well be kings of convenience since half the songs on this mix are theirs. but what can i say, the kings and i are having a moment... which has been lingering ever since spotify introduced us weeks ago. they're not a new band, but they're new to me {*sigh* such is my musical foresight}. but really, who wants to be that person that brags about knowing a band "before they got big"? i think it's way cooler to be the person who still likes a bands even [decades] after they got big. at least, that is how i justify my lag in social trends.

anyway, this playlist is much like lazy summer days: easy, breezy. it's got the mellow, wistful vibe i've been wanting to rock out to these days. and by "rock out" i mean gently swaying in a hammock or porch swing. so pour yourself a glass of sun tea and enjoy!

spotify | mix 03
01. the girl from back then - kings of convenience
02. so sorry - feist
03. anonanimal - andrew bird
04. peacetime resistance - kings of convenience
05boat behind - kings of convenience
06. the bend - real estate
07yet again - grizzly bear
08. rule my world - kings of convenience
09. mykonos - fleet foxes
10. mrs. cold - kings of convenience
11. know-how - kings of convenience
12. the limit to your love - feist
13try sidsel endresen / bugge wesseltoft


Petra said...

thanks. I was in desperate need of some new tunes :)

lucinda said...

good! i hope you like it!

Heather @ Run Like a G! said...

I will be honest, I have never heard of any those I'll have to check them out :)

lucinda said...

cool, glad to introduce them to you! they're some of my favorites.

Amy S. said...

I'm only familiar with the names of a few of these bands, but don't think I've ever heard any of these songs...I suspect you listen to a lot more of the lesser-known artists than I do!

Ursula said...

You are awesome! I am compiling playlists for an upcoming roadtrip and this is just what I need for the sunset drives :)

lucinda said...

yeah, I guess some of my tastes are bit less mainstream. ;)


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