off to the races


remember when i mentioned my first solo trip without august? well, that time has come and today i leave for my annual vacation with claudin: one whole week without children, sleeping in, urban-hiking, photo-journaling, coffee-shop-vulturing, and general pampering. but first, we're running a marathon. i know! {i kind of feel like i've been holding out too.}

the marathon isn't exactly something you just decide to jump in and do one day. i mean you do, but then it takes months of training. and even though i haven't mentioned it on here, i've actually been running a lot in preparation. when i think about it, it's kind of odd that i haven't written about my training. aside from family and work, it's what fills up my day. but i guess running was always such a huge part of my identity and defined me for so long, that i've almost over-compensated by not writing about it at all. when i started this site, it was to get away from whatever stigmas are attached to runners and explore the other sides of me. i was SO set against this site being pegged as a running blog but instead, i've written mostly about family, which has sort of put me in the mommy-blog category, so hey! sometimes even when you try not to be placed in a hole, you end up doing it anyway.

there's entirely way too much that's gone into the last four months of training to get into it now, but things have been going well and you can expect a full report after the race. until then, send speedy thoughts our way on saturday morning at around 10:00 EST {we should be about mid-way around then}

this all feels a bit self-indulgent when i think of a week away from the little guy. *eye roll* here we go again with baby-talk and mama-guilt. but with all the new "tricks" he's learning it's getting harder it is for me to let him out of my sight. even dropping at daycare has been tough a few times when i worried that'd he'd take his first steps without me being there to see them.

when i heard august peep this morning, i jumped out of bed anxious to get to him before andy. i opened the door to this room and saw the familiar sight of him standing in his crib, careening his little head to see who it was. under puffy eyes, a smile broke as he said hiiiiiiiii and i swept him up for a "biiig hug". and I do not know WHY, but this very normal start to our day had me fighting back tears.

ok. i do know why.  it's because everything will be fine and he is going to have a blast while i'm gone.
the older he gets, the less he needs me and i saw that as i watched him and andy pull out the driveway. he was sitting content in his car seat and, after prattling off a couple of words through the closed window, he went back to playing will a ball and cup, like it was no big deal. as they drove off and i stood there waving, my heartstrings tugged inside me. at that moment, i was so grateful that that silly little blondie was ever even mine at all. still, i choked up walking back up to the house, quietly wishing that he will feel safe and be happy while i'm gone.

but andy knows august just as well as i do: he knows his routines and needs, his discomforts and the songs to sing them away. also, they are on their way to grandma and grandpa's house. those two love august as if he were there very own, so he will be plenty loved and cared for. i'm excited to hear how much fun he's going to have and all of my mom blubbering aside, i really am so excited to be able to take this vacation with claudin!


Jerry Link said...

Hi thought about the three of you today after my run. You, Claud and your dad. My head band was soaken wet after my morning run and I remember you speaking about your dad coming back after some runs on the canal with his headband needing to be wrung out. Wishing you and your sister a Fun run/race and GREAT bonding time together. Miss ya both

lucinda said...

aw, mr link, that's one of my favorite memories. it makes me laugh because we were so appalled by his "wring count", but he was so proud of how "hard core" it was! ;) miss you tons too!

lucinda said...

still looking forward to the day we do one of these trips together with YOU. thanks for the comfort, one thought that make leaving him a bit easier is the image of how happy we'll both to see each other when I get back. in the mean time, hellllloooo hotel-bed-all-for-myself!

Amy S. said...

Have a great time with your sister, and good luck in the race! Hopefully Andy and Auggie have fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

Teru Camacho-Hull said... guys...THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS WHO GROW UP TO BE RUNNING MOTHERS... THANK HEAVEN FOR MY LITTLE WOMEN... (cheessssy and I don't care...)

Hannah Smith | fox and willow said...

good luck running and being away from the little! -I'm sure you'll do great with both. Also, hope you have loads of fun with your sister! :)

Sarah said...

WOW, you are so lucky to get a vacation all to yourself! I think I might sell my left leg for a luxury like that! Ah, well. I do hope your marathon went well and you're enjoying yourself on your break!

Petra said...

I really, really wanted to run a marathon last year, then I wanted to run one this year. now I've finally signed up for a half-marathon. baby steps, right? you go girl. I think it take guts to do something like that (still trying to find mine) xoxo

his little lady said...

Enjoy your little time away from the kiddos! We all need to get back into ourselves. :)
xo TJ

andrea said...

ah you two know how to celebrate twinness. it is awesome and i'm totally jealous. ;P and know that as much as our babies grow, sob, they will always need their mamas. he will have a great time with the grandparents but he will be thrilllllled to see you, because he will need his mama hugs. as for the running.. just run faster, right? ;D


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