four things


ONE// the camera wasn't out much this week so instead, i offer this single photo. which, is entirely unrelated to anything other than it's a stinkin cute picture of my son who now claps at anything, dispelling most traditional interpretations of clapping.

TWO// marathon monday did not dissappoint: rita jeptoo wins her third boston marathon in a new course record, meb runs an inspiring race to become the first american male champion since 1983, and 36,000 other runners showed what it means to be "boston strong". this year's race represented everything good about sports. it was all goosebumps and teary eyes in my corner of the office monday morning. YOU GOTTA LOVE SPORTS!

THREE// in the text versus voice debate, i'm pro text. it's short and sweet and there's time for thoughtful composition. talking moves too fast for me and i'm just not quick with words {give me a keyboard and some quiet time any day over real time chatting}. sometimes, i forget about my communicative handicap like i did this week, when i called a friend to share some exciting plans before they were finalized; yeay! we're coming to visit! so... where can we (me, my husband, and our six a.m. alram clock, aka baby) crash?
friend - you know who you are - thanks for being better on the phone than me and not letting on to the awkwardness.

FOUR// the aforementioned sneaky plan i've been cooking up for my husband who celebrates his birthday next week. muahahahaha.


Sybianna Miller said...

this photo...omg!!!!

Hannah Smith | fox and willow said...

one - how cute is your little one clapping! Sawyer hasn't figured that one out yet :( come on baby!

and two - can't wait to hear what you have planned for your hubbs, I have to do the same and he's celebrating a big one this year! (not a planner here!)

Claudin Mangum said...

three. - Feeling your pain! I can so have akward moments on the phone too! *Ugh* Unfortunately, texting is not my forte either so I mainly have to rely on good ol face-to-face time ;)

rebecca said...

I am too slow for voice sometimes- I feel your pain.

Also, I'm sneaky planning for Mr's birthday too! I have 2 weeks. Good luck!


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