four things


ONE// how to throw together an impromptu picnic: spot an empty park; use baby's swaddle as blanket; buy a baguette, perfectly ripe avocado to spread on it, sparkling water, and fresh fruit from the local market; and enjoy! {leaves, sticks, and acorn hats are also appetizing picnic fair}

TWO// the other day, i came home to a spring bouquet, picked and arranged by august (with help for his dada). my men get styling points #vasesareoverrated

THREE// that house! with it's red shutters, bay windows, picket fence, and that tree! there's a brick sidewalk laid out in front of it, which the weather has raised in spots. it's like the owners have been working on this elaborate prank. i run past that house almost daily and have nearly bit it more than a few times. i bet they hang out at the window waiting for someone to face plant right on their weathered sidewalk, it's springtime and a magnificent tree is blooming in front of our charming house, SUCKAS!

FOUR// at our house, you play with your food, eat with your hands, and feet are allowed on the table. what kind of child am i raising?!

have an awesome weekend, friends!


Hannah Smith | fox and willow said...

I just love those little flowers that were picked and arranged!

Sophie said...

I love that house. My bf & I explored New England last year and now want shuttered windows and panelled walls!

Sophie x


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