four things


ONE// a friend from work had an oversupply of girl scout cookies from her daughter's troop, so i offered to take some off her hands (my generosity abounds). i ordered six boxes: two each of samoas, tagalongs, and thin mints, naturally. one box didn't even make it home from work the first day and  i got this text the next day, "rookie mistake leaving those girl scout cookies within my reach, lulee". anyone want to put money on how long the remaining four boxes last?
p.s. august

TWO// august has been recently going through this phase where he only wants mama or dada - he's been a bit skeptical of anyone he doesn't see on a daily basis. we've spent the last four weekends with my mother though and now she's in his circle of trust too. she's like a human baby activity center, my mom. she sings, she dances, she makes funny noises (saying "woops" is hilarious, apparently). he gets all excited and starts bouncing in my arms now whenever he sees her!

THREE// visits with my twin sister are never complete without at least one stop at our favorite independent coffee shop. we order fancy espresso drinks, double them up with extra caffeine, and take pictures of every cup we drink - hashtag latteart! - i can't help it, really. coffee is so photogenic.

FOUR// we usually wake up to august squawking in the room next door. this week, he's evolved from chicken to duck and now he quacks in his crib until one of us goes to get him. trying not to jinx it or anything, but it's been two mornings in a row now and he's slept until 7am. we've been especially loving parents these past few days.


his little lady said...

How cute that he quacks in his bed! Adorable!!
xo TJ

Mr. Skelly said...

ha! your mom totally is a baby activity center! love her! :)

Mr. Skelly said...

ha! it's ne btw…don't want you to think that Bryan called your mom a baby activity center! HA what would be weird.

Claudin Mangum said...

it's true. coffee doesn't know how to take a bad picture. ;)

Sophie said...

Mmm understandable about the cookies (or biscuits as I'd call them) Is the lack of sleep really bad?? I'm so nervous I'll be rubbish with lack of sleep as a parent.

Sophie x



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