we're rooting for you, spring


nobody ever says "i'm so ready for this fall to be over". but winter? winter will have most everyone saying that in some form another. whether it's said as a hopeful, "i can't wait for spring" or a bitter, "that groundhog is full of it", by the end of the season, we're ready for longer days and kinder weather. this year in particular has been one giant eye roll. at least, it has been for those of us here on the east coast. you midwesterners and mountain-dwellers would probably yawn and crack your knuckles at how many inches we count as a lot of snow but for us, it's been a real doozy. 

you know, it's not even all the snow so much as it is living in this state of limbo, between cold and warm, lions and lambs, showers and flowers. sixty degree days, followed by record snowfalls just isn't right. then, just when i was starting to get used to seeing bare branches, these darling little pink buds had to appear on the trees. quit playing games with my heart, winter! i beg you. if not for me, then do it for this little guy, who is just itching to get outdoors and roll around in some mud.
we have this daybed set up in the baby's room that sits against a tiny window which opens up to the back yard - a bird sanctuary built by the former tenants and a selling point when we were house-hunting. the bed serves a dual purpose, acting as both resting place and changing table. since learning to crawl, this little one hasn't been the most cooperative during changes. most times, he squirms and crawls away before i can finish getting him dressed. (the window and all the birds returning from migration aren't helping the situation either.) but that little hand slapping against the window and that look on his face that asks, "can i go outside and play?" for those, i'll make more than a few exceptions.
my curly-haired sidekick and i made quick rounds of the yard to take stock of things. i'm happy to report that mother nature is right on track. we saw signs of spring all over: a curious finger met a fuzzy bud (yes, those are bare feet dangling in a blur in the background. don't judge me. it was a short outing), a feathered friend prepared her nest for new little arrivals, and plush greens dotted the roof like tropical islands in the ocean spotted from a plane. blue skies and warmer days ahead! only two more weeks if phil has anything to say about it.


Princess Burlap said...

You know, even though the point of this post is a call to arms for winter's swift ejection, these photos paint it in its prettiest light. Beautiful imagery.

his little lady said...

What a little cutie! Yes, bring on Spring :)
xo TJ


sophie said...

These images are so beautiful. Really beautiful. They remind me of a blog called 'the road is home' - you should check her out, you've got a similar style.

Sophie x


lucinda said...

such a flattering comment! i never heard of 'the road is home' and checked it out on your suggestion. she is an amazing photographer and her words are equally lovely. thank you SO much for sharing

lucinda said...

you're sweet, thank you!

lucinda said...

silver linings, right? thank you for the compliment


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