four things


ONE// there comes a point in time in every relationship when your idiosyncrasies become endearing to each other. there also comes a point in every relationship when even the cutest nuances lose their charm. say, for example, your stomach makes a silly little gurgling sound while you're lying bed next to each other. it might get a collective chuckle and then he'll ask/tease if you're ok and you'll demurely laugh it off with a "yeah, my stomach must just being loud digesting".  but when your stomach decides to go on a exaggerated rant, groaning like it's going for some kind of record, it's not so cute and funny anymore. and you both sit in awkward silence wondering WHAT exactly it is digesting.

TWO// i hate to harp on the weather but, sixty degrees on tuesday! which meant sleeping in and taking a run after work with my son in the jogger. he's been out with me once before - back in october when the warm air was kinder to little baby faces - but once that north wind blew, we packed her up and dreamt of springtime jaunts. i've been a little nervous about running with my son because he's older now - he's mobile. and you know babies once they're mobile; THEY want to do the moving for themselves. being strapped is almost a form of torture. but the running gods were on our side tuesday and he rode quietly along, kicking his feet, and occasionally letting out a thrilled eeeeeeeeeeee on the downhills.

THREE// breakfast for dinner is awesome when you crack your egg into the frying pan and two yolks DON'T come out of the same egg. i stood at those stove horrified and at a serious crossroads: how do i - being a twin - eat this these eggs. i, of course, ate the egg(s) because i was taught never to let things go to waste, but i've been wondering... it's all got to mean something, right?

FOUR// gag, if you must, but that picture down there - the one with the two very handsome men greeting each other after work yesterday? i mean. THAT is why the camera is slowly becoming an extension of my hand.

enjoy your weekend and happy friday!


his little lady said...

That last picture is making my heart melt! I would keep my camera around 24/7 too :)
xo TJ

lucinda smith said...

yeah tj, so many moments to capture with this little one around. he's going to start thing the camera is his mama!

Rebecca said...

Babies and eggs - two of my favourite things!! Sweet photos :)

Claudin Mangum said...
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maria at inredningsvis said...

What a CUTE post :) I hope everything is great with you dear.

CHeck out my new post...lovely bohemian decor :)

Have a great week

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

Claudin Mangum said...

the pics say so much on their own - lovely! but you're little antecdote, to each - the cherry on the sundae ;)

oh, and the double yolk? i've heard it's good luck. but i'm with you. what the ?! *creepy weird*

lucinda smith said...

really? double yolks are good luck? even if i ate it? i knew i shouldn't have eaten it!

Andrea Hull said...

ha! you twin cannibal, you!


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