well, that was a freebie


we woke up to thirteen inches of snow last thursday. it was the kind that was fluffy enough to accumulate in heaps but light enough to keep the tree's limbs in tact and the electricity on. we dusted off the snow shoes and took a long walk, which i didn't get any pictures of on account of having a baby strapped to my chest while plowing through the white stuff. friday started like any other until the lights went out at work and we were sent home. woo-hoo! it's friday, i'm in love! on saturday morning, the olympics provided hours of entertainment, as usa spanked russia in hockey. then, on sunday, we did the patriotic thing and honored our nation's first commander-in-chief with a tour of d.c. it's not what you think though. we explored dupont cirle, brunched at duke's, drank flat whites/long blacks at filter, and browsed the phillips collection.  on monday - the fifth and final day - we rested, which is to say, we stayed in pajamas all day and never left the house until seven p.m. forced us to the grocery store for the least ingredients required to make a meal.

february has been extra good to us this year. it already had high marks for being the shortest month at a time when spring can't come any faster, but then kicking the long weekend off with valentine's on friday and two snow days? SOMEONE was good this year for jolly old saint george to bring all that for president's day. what. wrong holiday? well, after five consecutive days off, i'm founding the new church of no power outages, midday naps, and coffee that's not brewed from a k-cup, hallelujah.


his little lady said...

So glad to hear that February has been such a great month! Absolutely loving these pictures! What a great little adventure :)
xo TJ



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