six months


woops! i skipped last month's baby update and am encroaching that neglectful territory again (he's technically six months and one week today). but i cannot miss this one because it's a big one: halfway to a year!

i was just talking to another mom-friend about how much fun this time is (our babies are only one day apart in age) but then, i remembered saying the same thing last month. each time i think this boy can't get any cooler, he goes and learns something new and i'm like, never mind, this is the best. the thing is, each stage is great in it's own way, so i should probably just leave it at that and stop picking favorites. anyway, here are the latest developements:

- we've got an ambi-turner now. he rolls over both ways; from back to belly and belly to back. he's like a human hotdog. one night he was on a mission and did a record-setting five rolls to get from one end of the rug to the other. this boy's got determination.
- the boy is a budding yogi. he mastered ananda balasana (aka "happy baby") months ago and apparently got all cocky about his skills because now he's trying to create his own new pose. it's a hybrid of downward dog and a headstand, which i am coining adho mukhasana (literally translates to "down facestand"). i think he's actually trying to crawl but until he figures out to get his hands under him, i'm calling him a yoga prodigy.
- he sits like a dog with legs wide and hands in between to support himself upright. i'm noticing a lot of dog references... they say babies learn from observing older siblings; he must think our dog is his big sister. let's hope the influences stop there - i don't want him sniffing butts or jumping up on people.
- two new items have been added to his menu: oatmeal and bananas. he loves both. though i'm pretty sure he'd eat anything the way he's been oogling our food and smacking his lips for weeks. maybe that's the trick for picky eaters: deprive them of options and they'll eat whatever you give them.
- also he wants to feed himself and gets about 90% of it in his mouth. then, when he's done with a spoonful, he continues sucking on it, refusing to let go of the utensil. again, i think this is because we held out so long on introducing other food so he's desperate not to waste a bit of it. i swear, this was not our intention but if it successfully works out that he's a good eater, i'm writing a book on it. DIBSONTHECOPYRIGHT 



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