awkward & awesome friday


- the black lace-trimmed peek-a-boo in the background of august's halloween dino photo. while wardrobe malfunctions may be forgivable when you're carrying around a squirmy baby, it would've been nice if the photographer (ahem!) had given me a heads up anyway. if you don't know what i'm referring to, good. i'm not going to provide a link back to that picture so you're going to have to work for it if you really want to indulge in my embarassment.
- conversations about the weather... to fill up the uncomfortable silence. in the elevator (of course). it's a cliche topic and i try SO hard not to bring it up but you know how thinking about something just makes it stand out more in your mind? well as the silence got louder and louder i panicked and just as i was telling myself not to talk about the weather, i hear the words come out of my mouth "it's chilly out there, isn't it?" ugghh. so predictable.
- nasal sprays and bulb syringes. august is bit sick and has been stuffed up this week so we're trying to help  open up the little guy's passageways but getting anything even near the boy's nose is impossible. either andy or i have to pin him down while the other tries to stick the plastic device up his nostril. talk about traumatizing. and i don't mean for august - he's actually pretty great about it once we get the thing in place.
- daylight savings. no. daylight savings + a gobbed up baby. since babies like to breath out of their noses, sleep has been allusive to everyone in the house. between the earlier dawn and august's congestion, we've been waking up at 3:30 a.m. halfway through the work, i start seeing spots.
- andy is in grad school and didn't have class last monday night, so after a week of being apart, our little family got a freebie. just me, andy, august, and duck, watching the voice. yup, while most men accross the country were watching football or hockey, he patiently sat through all of christina aguilera's comments with me. isn't he dreamy?
- FALL. this week is exactly why the season got its name. the trees hit their glorious peak last weekend and then scattered all their vibrant leaves like confetti onto the side walks and roads.
- four. count them, FOUR posts this week. and there still are two days left! i might could tie my record. i haven't been this wordy since i was on maternity leave and first started the blog. for any weekend readers out there, your loyalty could quite possibly be rewarded. but i'm not making any promises.



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