Awkward & Awesome Friday


- misusing idioms. i do it all the time - even when i try to mentally map out the phrase before uttering it. sayings like "icing on the cake" and "cherry on the sundae" become "icing on the sundae", which although it sounds delicious, destroys my credibility and attempt at intelligent conversation.
- hearing "hey!" shouted on a busy street corner and ignoring it because there are lots of people and it probably wasn't meant for me. but the voice gets closer and yells, "hey you!" and i still ignore it, thinking that other 'you' needs to snap out of it and acknowledge the caller. then, there's a whistle followed by "hey, good looking" and i finally turn because 'three times a charm' and actually, i was looking pretty swell. so i spot the face belonging to the voice and return a smile to theirs as they walk right past to the person standing just off to my side. dang it!
- mah walkin' shoes. i try to clean up and look nice for work but it's a bit of a hike from where i park to my office building. so at the beginning and end of each day i pull a "mr. roger's", switching out of my sneakers and into dress shoes. nothing like a ratty pair of converse to dumb-down a smart pencil skirt. not to mention the two inches my legs lose which make for less than flattering tree-stump calves.
- taking pictures with my ipad. it's the only camera i've got and the quality is actually pretty great but pulling the 9x7" tablet out and holding it in front of my face with it's neon green case sure does attract attention when i'm trying to be discreet.

- orange leaves on gnarly, black branches. i ran past a tree like that on my run this morning. and the dawning sun shone through those leaves, which reminded me of those halloween twinkle lights they make. and i thought, yeah, those are cool, but nature does a way better job at decorating for the season.
- on that same vein, 13 days of halloween start today. how will YOU be celebrating? think about it!
- and to continue the theme further, tonight is the full (hunter's) moon. as an added bonus, there will be a partial lunar eclipse so if you look real hard and use your imagination, it'll look like dracula someone took a small bite out of the lower left side. muaaa-haaa
- speaking of laughs... my baby's is multisyllabic and comes in two fantastic varieties: 1) a raspy, drawn-out haaaaaa when you're being silly but not funny enough to merit a full belly laugh, and 2) a high-pitched, aspirated eeeeeeeee when you've caught him off guard, usually accompanied by two blue arcs for eyes.
- tim gunn on project runway. that's all.
- the new at&t commercial. i mean, they're all hilarious but the little girl and her raisins... yeah, adorable
- the weight of a tired baby in my arms and soft head on my shoulder. it's EVERYTHING



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