Awkward & Awesome Friday


- Entering the elevator at work without so much as a reciprocal smile from my new co-tenant who not only gives me the up-down, but proceeds to steal glances during the long, silent ride to the eighth floor while I self consciously re-evaluate my wardrobe.
- Walking into a conversation circle midway through a joke and standing just enough to the side to emphasize my outsider-ness. Now, social graces would instruct one to politely smile and walk away - "sit this one out" - but no, I stand my ground and instead look from one face to the next with a dumb smile on my face like, Heh, what are you guys taking about? And since I was already so far gone, I decided; why not just drive the nail into this coffin? So I chime in with forced laughter when the punch line is delivered and linger a bit longer. Ugh, it's as like I TRY to be weird sometimes.
- Having a conversation with a friend about our shared admiration for people with eloquence and days later, after she's been thrown for a loop, I open conversation with a bumbling (albeit sincere), "Heyyy... how's it goinggg?" There are folks who know just the right thing to say in just the right way, but I, regretfully, am not one of them.
- Sneezing while feeding my baby. And it wasn't a delicate tch! It was an unapologetic ACHOO that caused my boy to stop his eating and s.t.a.r.e. me down with the most offended look on his face before resuming his meal.
- This past Wednesday. All of the above shamefully went down Wednesday. When you're three days in with that kind of record, you just wanted to punch your timecard and scrap the week.
- Riding boots, wool layers, and opaque tights. Am I right ladies?
-  6:30-7:00am with my son. The house is dark, sleepy, and all ours for thirty lovely gooing minutes
- Seasonal anything: TV commercials, beverages, candy, store fronts, door wreaths, mantles... My friend is a super talented decorator who makes the prettiest Fall mantles.
The Walking Dead on Netflix. We discovered the show right in time. Zombies, in October? Yes, please.
- Rainy fall days that, in their grey-ness, only make the turning leaves more blazingly stunning. The only thing better is a weekend shrouded in it - raindrops hitting windows and all - with nowhere to go, plenty of ground beans, the bluesiest playlist, and a chubby baby in footed onesies. {hint: I've got my Saturday all lined up}



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