Awkward & Awesome Friday: Auggie Edition


My son is four months old today AND it's Friday so... I'm combining two LCT staples: baby update + awkward&awesome. The two lists sorted out quite naturally to reveal that pretty much everything about the boy is awesome and it's really just his mama that makes things awkward. And so.

- Laying my son down in his crib without having tied back my hair. It's a struggle for us both; me, to get him to relinquish the handfuls of my already sparse locks and him, to hold on for dear life. So there I am, crouched over the tiny bed, hamstrings burning, with no chance against his iron-grip, and mourning the loss of yet more hair.
- Propping him up for a photo sesh and snapping pictures in rapid fire succession as he slowly slumps to his side.
- Watching him try to roll over on his own but getting stuck on his left arm. Then, after some serious grunting and effort, he works his way onto his stomach, but the success is short-lived as triumph turns to frustration: Did you see that Mama? I went from my back to my belly! Now how do I get back over? Help me back over. I HATE BEING ON MY STOMACH. HELLLLLP!
- Making the (rookie) mistake of taking him to my dental appointment. First there was the awkward conversation convincing my dentist he would be fine, followed by a strategic meltdown just as the Novocaine kicks in and the saliva-sucking straw is hanging off my numb lips.
- The crumbs that litter his head after I've eaten a meal while nursing him. I'm sure I'll get mine in a few months when he's eating solids and throwing most the food everywhere except for in his mouth, but I still feel somewhat abusive or like I'm taking advantage of his tolerance.
- Wearing him forward-facing in the carrier. By the look of neighbor's faces, we're like a traveling  Side Show with his little body dangling from my chest. Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and behold the wonder, the curiosity of the conjoined woman and her child! 

- Can I just lump every new development here? It seems like each day there's something new, if not for us than definitely for him, and the amazement shows in his eyes.
- The obsession with his hands is slowly being replaced by a fascination for his feet. Luckily the flexibility isn't there to get them in his mouth like he does with his fists, but the new discovery does make diaper changing easier with the little helper holding his usually flailing limbs out of the way.
- His smile hidden behind the pacifier. First the dimples appear and then the Nuk falls from his mouth in slow motion as it widens into a full on gummy smile.
- Two little hands reaching up to hold my face
- Effectively getting him back to sleep for one more hour with pacifier in mouth and tired, heavy head buried in my neck.
- His morning stretch. As soon as I pick him up, his elbows shoot to his ears as his back arches into the deepest bend and his little butt just out, with his legs tucked up underneath. It's so delicious it make me want to go ahhh.
- The biggest, most expressive blue eyes. I know they can change up to one year after birth, but I have a feeling these are here to stay. And he does this thing with them where he very deliberately and slowly blinks... I die.


Amy@eatsleepdecorate said...

He is so adorable and I miss him so. When will he be visiting Ms. Amy & Mr. John??


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