Awkward and Awesome Fridays


I wish I could take credit for this idea but it's Sydney (from The Day Book), who gets props for creating Awkward & Awesome posts. So, to kick off your weekend, check here every Friday for a collection of awkward/awesome moments from my week

- Pumping twice daily at work in "The Barn" (heretofore the spare filing room) and hanging an umbrella on the door handle as a signal of the milking going on within. Wasn't that college dorm room code for "don't come in, we're getting it on"?
- Attempting to leave said shed inconspicuously with two full bottles of the creamy liquid only to encounter one of the older gentlemen I work with in the office kitchen. "How's the baby?", he asks, eyes falling to the contents of my hands. "Oh, um, he's great. Getting big.", I say while trying to quickly store the dairy goods in the fridge.
- Casually asking my husband if he's seen the nipple shield to which he respons "It's probably where you left it last", just as casually. We're way too comfortable around each other.
- Forgetting about our monthly office meeting and arriving late, still in my TOMS/walking shoes after having received an company-wide email about dressing professionally.
- trying to take a selfie for my in-progress "Working Mom" post only to yield this as my best photo (I look both bored and annoyed, which i guess isn't too far off):

 - The enitre Starbucks crew learning my name on account of my super intense and apparently unique order: short, tripple latte, heavy on the foam, light on the milk. I look forward to the jolt every morning, as any sleep deprived mother would.
- My mother getting to spend time with her grandson and watching him while I was at work, then sending me videos of their duets.
- The weather this morning! Helloooooo Fall!
- The reinstatement of Pizza and Vino Friday after a nine-month hiatus.
- Friday the 13th... Mwa-ha-ha-ha!
- Leaving my fully-bellied, groggy babe with my equally sleepy husband, while I go for a quick run before work and then hearing my Love tenderly speak to our goo-ing son as I step out the door. I've never felt so lucky.


andrea said...

awesome, i love them all, awkward or not, especially pizza and vino, jealous!

Katie F said...

I had SO many awkward moments bc of pumping at work. We only had one sink where I could clean my pump parts which made for interesting discussions while people were getting their morning coffee...that's when I discovered the Quick Wipes for cleaning my pump!

Amy@eatsleepdecorate said...

Love that you are being so real through all of this thing called life! You will look back and laugh at all of these little treasures. Miss you guys! xoxo

Anonymous said...

..and there's this great 'take-n-bake' joint where we get an amazing mushroom pizza, which is just down the road from the best selection of wines where A uses his connaissance to get me some delicious Red, and then we usually finish the thing together... it truely is awesome

Anonymous said...

Ha! ALL too familiar, Katie. Why, oh why, does the first pumping session have to coincide with morning coffee time?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's good to keep life's nuances in perspective and be able to laugh at them. Miss you guys tons too! Maybe NC in October?


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