Awkward and Awesome Friday


- Losing an embarrassing amount of hair in the shower and proceeding to shed the entire day, leaving rogue strands on anything I touch. When do a woman's hormones go back to normal after giving birth?
- Having that first conversation with an acquaintance since my baby was born and answering the usual questions:
You had a baby? Boy or girl?
   Baby boy
Aw, how old is he now?
   Four months next week
Wow! What's his name?
Oh, was he born in August?
Each time I silently pray they don't ask this question because then I have to see the look on their face as they do the math in their head. Don't worry, it confuses everyone.
- Waking up to my own biological alarm clock with a soaked shirt and woefully confessing to my husband that I "wet the bed again".
- Buying a large bag of Reece's Pieces to keep in my desk for post-lunch dessert only to eat half of it in the first sitting. On second thought, I got it BOGO and still have 1.5 bags of the delicious candies left so this is actually awesome.
- Roosting outside Starbucks during my lunch break, scavenging the Wi-Fi. I spent $4 on a latte this morning, I've paid for a couple of minutes usage, right? a) there's a firewall at work b) I have a "dumb phone" which only has basic texting c) I am a shameless wi-fi vulture.

- The couple coming form the direction of the courthouse that I passed during my break, walking hand in hand with secret smiles on their faces. Him, wearing a bouttenier in his lapel; her, in a casual white dress and bouquet in hand. I had a gushy-teen moment: OMG, they totally just got married! 
- Approaching my favorite section of the Tow Path and overhearing the man I had just passed tell his wife "This is my favorite part". Me too! I thought with a smile, as I trotted onward.
- The October issue of Living! Martha Stewart, not so much (she's the woman you hate to love), but her obsession with SO much.


- Celebrating the harvest moon with a dinner of fall-roasted vegetables, seasonal ale, and an obscenely large batch of maple, almond popcorn. With a hint of salt.
- Shuffling into my son's room, half-asleep and leaning over the crib to find him already wide awake, sucking on his blanket and quietly waiting for Mama to come with breakfast.
- Full blown conversation from my son minutes seconds after I'm done nursing him. He lies there on my lap, looking up with the happiest eyes, and goes on and about who knows what.


Claudin Mangum said...

awesome. Awesome. AWESOME!


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