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I was recently speaking with a friend and fellow blogger about how she got started - picking her brain on blogging tips, and what not. Like the new kid at school, I want to use the mystique of my novelty to attract friends but don't want to appear desperate or like I'm trying too hard. So, feigning nonchalance, I casually asked about her readership (in a short period of time, she's built a strong assemblage). But there was no hiding it and both of us knew full well my true agenda: how do you become cool build a following? 

First, of course, you identify your audience. She asked "Who are you writing to?"  I was stumped. I know it's like the first thing you're supposed to ask yourself when writing but I hadn't really thought of it. And several days later, I was still pining away for an answer; over analyzing every post and trying to hone in on my demographic. But, then it occurred to me: my audience are readers. Obviously. 

I've mentioned my propensity towards greediness. I was once identified as being a person who "wanted her cake and eat it too". I hate that analogy, by the way. Who would ever get a cake and not want to eat it, I dunno, but lock them up as crazy. So it's no surprise then
, that I was reluctant to pick just one group. I want a broad audience. I want to be able to relate to all sorts of people: men, women, 30somethings, teens, moms, dads, runners... you get the  point. 

The Inspiration page of this blog contains quotations that in some way or another have piqued my creativity. Notice the range in not only authors but topics. I, myself have learned so much from writers of both sexes and from all walks of life so I aspire to offer the same; we all have something to offer each other. 
When I first decided to start a blog it was because I wanted to write and felt I had something to say. For me, the joy of writing comes from the act itself. It's an outlet I have found with excitement and frustration fascination. Exploring the depths of my mind, expanding my perspective, forcing analysis and observation (at first at least) and hoping for it to become second nature. 

It's universally known that the two principal ways to become a better writer are to write a lot, and read a lot. Being a good reader makes you a better writer. Much like being a good listener makes you a better speaker... or at least, a more thoughtful one. What we learn as readers, we use as writers. And over time, the aim is that our writing becomes a compilation of all the things we’ve learned as readers, but told in our own voice. That's why it's important to make sure you're reading good writers!

When I read great writing, I am filled with inspiration to write.  I’ll jot down stuff in my Moleskin for a later time. That way, when creativity begins to runs dry, I have a spring of ideas that is constantly bubbling at the source, just needing some capping and development.


Amy@eatsleepdecorate said...

I think you are doing a great job! I enjoy reading each day and know that you will find the balance to all of the crazy Social Media and such. Remember that you must enjoy it first and foremost! And if you don't feel like writing one day, then don't! XOXO


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