2 months


Ok, if that first month flew by fast, then month two went into hyper-drive because I cannot believe that I'm sitting here four weeks later, looking at the same boy. While people debate whether he looks more like me or Andy, I'm certain that he looks like no one other than August. He's come into his own and let me tell you, he's beautiful. Sometimes it's so overwhelming I think I might just about lose it. Neither Andy or I were the most cherubic of babies and we both had ackward stages growing up, so where Auggie got his good looks is beyond me.

Here's the latest:
  • He smiles with his whole body; thrusting his head forward and then moving it in one big arc, left to right, as if he needs the momentum to open his mouth into a huge gummy smile.
  • He's taken to shadow boxing. Preparing, I suspect, for his next bare knuckle match with the other (invisible) handlebar mustachioed dude.

  • At his latest doctor's visit he had gained 2lbs, most of which is concentrated in his face; his cheeks and double chin to be exact. He also grew nearly 3 inches, which his daddy was pumped about because his chances of doing any other sport besides running are now looking good. 
  • We call him starfish, on account of his new favorite sleeping position.
  • He's grown what we call duck fluff on his head. It's coming in nice and full, but it makes for goofy bed-head.
  • The peace and quiet of our little house is quite regularly disrupted with his man-like belches.  Each times he lets one roar, I'm practically dumbfounded but manage to ask Andy incredulously, "Did you hear that?" Of course he did, it all but shook the house.


Katie F said...

What a cutie! Love the update :)


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