1 Month


Yesterday marked August's first month in the world. Like most new moms I wonder where time went and tearfully look at my baby boy, thinking how fast he's grown. At the same time though,  the days have been full with frequent feedings, constant diaper changes, and night wakings. It's that last event, in particular - the one that has robbed me of sleep and subsequently, normal cognitive function - that validates the last 29 days. And then I acknowledge, "Yup, one month, that's about right."

The space between those full days, though, are what keep me going beyond the physical and psychological limits people should have no business surpassing. It's because embedded in those nurturing & hygienic obligations are hundreds of little moments overlooked by all but babies who are experiencing them for the first time. I see a new movement or a concentration in his face that didn't exist the day before and there it is: yet another reason I feel so lucky to be the mother of this boy. Through him, I get to be a kid again - which is especially fortunate since I have a horrible memory.

Here's what we've learned in the first month:
  • Auggie doesn't know it yet, but he loves turtles. And bears. And owls. We've decided it.
  • Staying true to form (after impressive consistency for his nine months of gestation), 9pm is hiccup hour
  • He makes the sweetest dinosaur noises. Or maybe it's more Gremlin. Sometimes it's reminiscent of a bicycle left in the rain, badly in need of WD-40.
  • He sneezes multiple times a day. In Spanish the saying goes "Salud, Dinero, Amor" (translation: "Health, Wealth, Love"). One for each sneeze. Usually he only does two but sommmme times we get a hat trick and his dad celebrates with a "Salud, Dinero, Sombrero!"    *forehead slap*
  • He loves bubble baths but HATES the transition from water to hooded towel.
  • When taking walks with Mama in the Moby wrap, he's fascinated with the sky and trees, craning his neck so unnervingly back his grandma would faint (I promise I support it with my hand, Laura, he just wants to see it all)!
  • He's grown out of several new born sized onesies, as is evident by the stitches being pulled apart around the barrel of his chest. When your child resembles a cased sausage, you know it's time to retire the outfit. Case in point:


I challenge you to see through the eyes of a child - you'll be fascinated with the view.



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